Parish Monasticism?

Weekly reflections on the Rule of St. Benedict


Parish Monasticism?
An introduction to the series.

The Foundations

Chapter 1: the different kinds of monks and their customs
Chapter 2: the qualities of the abbot
Chapter 3: the counsel of the brothers
Chapter 4: the instruments of good works
Chapter 5: obedience
Chapter 6: silence
Chapter 7: humility

The Floor

Chapter 8: the Divine Office at night (Matins)
Chapter 9: how many psalms are to be said in the Night Office
Chapter 10: how the Night Office is to be said in summer
Chapter 11: how Matins is to be celebrated on Sundays
Chapter 12: lauds-celebration
Chapter 13: lauds-ordinary days
Chapter 14: Night Office on saints’ days
Chapter 15: the seasons during which Alleluia is chanted
Chapter 16: the Day Office
Chapter 17: the number of psalms said in the Day Office
Chapter 18: psalms-order to be chanted
Chapter 19: how the Office should be performed
Chapter 20: reverence in prayer

The Exits

Chapter 21:the deans of the monastery
Chapter 22: how the monks are to sleep
Chapter 23: excommunication for faults
Chapter 24: the measure of excommunication
Chapter 25: grave faults
Chapter 26: those who meet with the excommunicated without leave of the abbot
Chapter 27: the abbot’s care of the excommunicated
Chapter 28: those who do not change their ways despite much correction
Chapter 29: readmittance of departed brothers
Chapter 30: correction of youths

Parish Monasticism: a review

The Walls

Chapter 31: the cellarer
Chapter 32: property and utensils
Chapter 33: private ownership by monks
Chapter 34: the apportionment of necessities
Chapter 35: weekly kitchen service
Chapter 36: sick brothers
Chapter 37: old men and children
Chapter 38: the weekly reader
Chapter 39: food apportionment
Chapter 40: drink apportionment
Chapter 41: dining hours

The Inner Thresholds

Chapter 42: no talk after Compline
Chapter 43: late-comers to the Divine Office and meals
Chapter 44: how the excommunicated are to make satisfaction
Chapter 45: mistakes in the oratory
Chapter 46: offences in other matters

The Furniture

Chapter 47: sounding the Hours of the Divine Office
Chapter 48: daily manual labour
Chapter 49: observance of lent
Chapter 50: brothers who work at a distance from the oratory or are traveling
Chapter 51: brothers who do not go far
Chapter 52: the oratory of the monastery
Chapter 53: the reception of guests
Chapter 54: the receipt of letters and presents
Chapter 55: clothing and shoes
Chapter 56: the abbot’s table

The Family

Chapter 57: artisans and craftsmen
Chapter 58: the admission of new brothers
Chapter 59: sons of noblemen or of poor men offered to God’s service
Chapter 60: priests who would live in the monastery

Parish Monasticism: an update

Chapter 61: reception of pilgrim monks
Chapter 62: priests of the monastery
Chapter 63: rank in the monastery
Chapter 64: election of the abbot
Chapter 65: provost of the monastery
Chapter 66: the porter of the monastery

The Finishings

Chapter 67: brothers sent on a journey
Chapter 68: when a brother is asked to do the impossible
Chapter 69: no one shall presume to defend another in the monastery
Chapter 70: no one is to presume to strike another
Chapter 71: the brothers ought to obey one another
Chapter 72: the good zeal monks should possess
Chapter 73: all perfection is not herein attained

Parish Monasticism: the conference

Where Next?

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