god of the gods

Ned Lunn tried out some thoughts on the interaction between theatre and church. He has since continued to explore, research and write on this topic. These lectures acted as markers along his journey and so many of the ideas and concepts have developed on from this point, been shaped and adapted to fit into a coherent framework. His aim is to publish a book entitled ‘god of the gods: the interaction between theatre and church’… it’s just taking some time!

Theatre as Worship

Theatre as Church

Church in Theatre


  1. This was so all easily comprehended because it was clearly expressed, and I readily concurred, including the very last question about the future and being careful not to live to make it happen, perhaps even sit back passively and wait for God to bring it about when he’s said what He WILL DO in His Word. I can certainly see how a prophetic church like the one I’m part of, tends in this direction. Though, as an intercessor, I know it is also legitimate to “PRAY IN” by declaration in the place of prayer, [that’s as well as REMINDING Father God of what He’s said He’ll do]. So, this is a timely warning, and I shall think and pray about it more in order to be able to explain to others in the group. In fact, it would be terrific if you could come to explore this question with us SOON. How about it, Ned? We’re all waiting to hear that you will.

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