Easter Sermon

I was challenged, by my wife, to sum up my Easter sermon using the names of popular chocolate bars. The result follows. Enjoy!

We all vainly attempt to Boost our own power and influence as though we truly were the gods of the Galaxy when we don’t even have the power to change York(ie). What Jesus taught, the secret of how the whole of creation really works, is to humbly follow God. Without God we soon discover that life is no Picnic. Every attempt at solving our problems without God not only fails but Mars his image in us. For He has revealed that image in Jesus, the Lion of Judah, yes, but also a humble servant. But Jesus wasn’t just a good human being like the rest of us who had in some way miraculously achieved perfection, he needed to be Divine, showing his power to radically change the very fabric of the universe, to revolt, to reform, to rotate the accepted death and decay. To Twirl the twisted tatters of our interpretations of reason around.

In His resurrection God confirmed His image in Jesus which means that when Jesus hung on the tree beTwix heaven and earth he reconciled them together in his brokenness. This truth began as a Wispa in the garden when the women saw the stone Rolo-ed away. New Creation sprouting where Death once remained un-opposed. But with each life that is impacted by the Ripples of resurrection He reveals more of His glorious Bounty extravagantly poured out as He continues to create a fresh His Kingdom on the earth.


  1. Hi Ned, I like the Easter Sermon. We are holding a Cafe Style worship with the subject ‘Why Easter?’ is it possible to use this (with credit to yourself and Sarah)?

  2. Hi Ned,
    I realise that I did not let you know how it went.
    We got one of those birthday boxes from a card shop and filled it with all the chocolate bars quoted and the text of your sermon. We wrote on the side of the box ‘Sermon’ and placed it on a table so all could see it. I then took out the sermon and read it. Surprisingly (or not) not many people realised the ‘sweet’ references, but took in the real sweet message of your sermon. After discussions on the tables about what the resurrection meant to them, they wanted to hear the sermon again. This time as I read the sermon Christine held up the appropriate chocolate bar. I am not sure if this was the first time that a sermon had been inwardly digested 3 times, 2 times through the spoken word and once through eating the chocolate at the end of the worship! Thanks again for letting us use the sermon. We pray you and Sarah are being blessed in your ministry. Keith & Christine.

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