Monasticism and Asceticism (appendix i)

I returned to Holy Island this week for a Quiet Day. I want to write a full blog on my experience like I did last year in Monasticism and Asceticism (part I) but I’m in the middle of finishing off the entertainment for the Leaver’s Party. This task is always great fun but takes up so much time! Next week I’ll put fingers to keys and get some of the thoughts out.

Until then I’d like to add to Monasticism and Asceticism (part II) (posted a couple of weeks ago) a prayer of St. Aidan which runs along the same thoughts. I love this prayer and has given me words to a sensation I’ve had for a while.

Leave me alone with God as much as may be.
As the tide draws the waters close in upon the shore,
Make me an island, set apart,
alone with you, God, holy to you.

Then with the turning of the tide
prepare me to carry your presence to the busy world beyond,
the world that rushes in on me
till the waters come again and fold me back to you.